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    Passing a function to a function

    Can anybody give me an example of passing a function to a function. i have to do one for a current project and i need some help on it. here is the class member function

    void Tran(void Lookup(Name,Value));

    the function LookUp is declared at the top of Main().
    If u know how, u dont need to use what i have above, just please give me an example on how i would call a class member function in main with a parameter like this, if u can please help. thank you

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    you would probably wanna make


    void Tran(void Lookup(Name,Value));

    this: using a pointer

    void Tran(void (*Lookup)(type Name,type Value));

    for member functions its done like so

    void Tran(void (myclass::*myfunc) (type Name, type Value));

    or whatever.


    actually i think an exampe is in order, since you'll most likely need one on how to call a non-static method pointer.

    the simplest explaination is that a functions pointer to a non static class method requires an instance of the class inorder to be called.


    #include <iostream>
    using namespace std;
    class testClass;
    typedef void (testClass::*methodptr)(int i);
    class testClass
    	void method(int i);
    	void method2(methodptr met);
    void testClass::method(int i)
    	cout << i << endl;
    void testClass::method2(methodptr met)
    int main(void)
    	testClass tci;
    	testClass* tcp = &tci;
    	methodptr meth = tci.method;
    	return 0;
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