Thread: How do you get the current date?

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    Question How do you get the current date?

    Are there any functions that return the current day month and year as integer.

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    OS? Compiler?

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    Have a look at the ctime functions here.

    Note: for tm_mon, jan = 0, feb = 1, ..., dec = 11

    #include <iostream>
    #include <ctime>
    int main( void ) {
    	tm * curTM;
    	time_t temp = time( NULL );
    	curTM = localtime( &temp );
    	std::cout<<"Day: "<<curTM->tm_mday<<" Month: "<<curTM->tm_mon<<" Year: "<<curTM->tm_year + 1900<<std::endl;	
    	return 0;
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    GetSystemTime() on windows is pretty good and easy. but then you still haven't said what platform you're on
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    Lightbulb THANKS

    Thx allot, XSquared. Works perfectly.
    I was trying to mess around with time.h, but that
    didn't lead anywhere. You just saved me about 2 hours of programming.

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