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    Question Resize an array

    How would I resize an array at runtime? I'm using VC++6.0

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    If you declare your array something like this:
    char myarray[100];
    then the answer is you can't resize it.

    To do dynamic resizing, you need a dynamically created array. Lookup the new keyword.
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    My preferred method:

    long *array = (long*) malloc(width * height * sizeof(long));

    then to access, use like a one dimensional array
    array[(y * width) + x] = 4;

    When done (MUST do this at end of app):

    There are other ways like using the New operator but I prefer to use malloc, for some reason.
    malloc is in stdlib.h
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    >>To do dynamic resizing, you need a dynamically created array. Lookup the new keyword.

    Or look up STL Vectors.
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