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    Accepting Credit Cards

    I'm looking into using credit cards to pay for items. Does anyone know where to obtain info regarding the programming side of not just checking that a credit card number is right, but determining from the actual credit card companies whether the card is able to be used (ie: connect to CC company, provide CC info, retrieve whether or not it was okay to use CC) or something along those lines? THANKS! :-D

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    If this is for an online shop, I expect a web search or a chat to your service provider will provide you with some information. There are solutions available to be used for this type of thing.

    If this is offline, talk to your acquiring bank.

    I feel this is a little OT for a C++ forum though...
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    Most banks have solutions. Also, I believe that you don't connect to the CC company, but to a main Database somewhere which each bank etc.. use. There are ISO's for it and there are also packet-size issues so that people can't really DOS it. It's also encrypted and it would be a very large job to do the programming for it on your own since it's already done for you. Go check out your branch and tell them you want a solution, I'm sure they'll have one.

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    Check into PayPal.

    There a a couple of service companies that will accept credit cards for registration of shareware. I don't remember who they are. (Not good for "items".) I have registered shareware through these sites, and it's worked fine from a customer perspective. I don't know how much they charge the vendor for the service.

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    I used cybercash a while back with ASP and I remember them having C/C++ code as well. It will require secure connection such as that obtained through verisign certificates.

    those sites will have everything you need I imagine
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