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    Question data read zeros?

    When I read in a data file that is being written to by another program, do I have to wait unitl it is done writing to display the data? Or could I display the data as it is being writen? Currently I can read a portion of the written file correctly, but it stops and prints out zeros when the data file is still being written to with valid data.

    //program that is reading in
     float input;
       /*open data file*/
         ifstream inFile("output");
       inFile >> input;
      inFile >> input;
       data.push_back(input); //vector
      inFile >> input;

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    Please don't double post, or both of your posts might get deleted. Just stick to this thread.
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    Sorry - I probably confused you when I moved the other post to this board. You can ask the questions on the other thread.

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