Thread: how to pass 2D array into function..?

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    how to pass 2D array into function..?

    prototype of function is something like

    /*this program takes in input from a file...iterates thru line by line(or char by char depending on how you implement it)...looks for text only...and then prints out a list of each word(TEXT ONLY) and their frequencies. The way I thought to do it was to use a 2D array to store everything. But the memory for the array has to be dynamically allocated. That's where my problems are coming in.*/

    void growArray(char *array, int x, int y);

    int main()
    int MAX_SIZE=300;
    int x, y;
    char newChar;
    char *array[128][128] = {0};
    while ((newChar = cin.get()) != EOF){
    if(y>=MAX_SIZE || x>=MAX_SIZE){
    growArray(array, x, y);
    MAX_SIZE+=MAX_SIZE; /*i fully realize if input line is 700 chars long i'm screwed. so help me. */
    if(isspace(newChar) || ispunct(newChar)){
    x=0; //goes back to element zero
    y++; //but of the next row!

    /*here's supposed to be the code to iterate thru 2D array, compare each one, SORT, and then print out the list. so it'll look like:
    As 1
    Bye 1
    aloha 3
    wassup 5
    You get the idea.... help down for this part is appreciated too, especially the sorting. I have no idea how to bubble sort a 2D array */

    return 0;

    void growArray(char *array, int x, int y)
    char *temp = new char[x][y]; /*err...don't quite remember what i put... */

    for(int nCount=0; nCount < x; nCount++)
    for(int mCount=0; mCount < y; mCount++)
    temp[nCount][mCount] = array[nCount][mCount];

    free(array ) /*this line was supposed to clean out old array. but i don't know how. help. */

    array = temp;

    /*So basically I got error saying i can't pass in char(*)[128] to function char *array or something like that. I'm doing this on Unix by the way. Any help is much much appreciated. Thanks.*/

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    Have you considered the use of linked lists, or are you using arrays because thats all you know, or are allowed to use in this case?
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    if you must use 2D array then you can declare a 2D array in several different ways.

    char array1[][]
    char *array2[][]
    char ** array3

    however, this is a 3D array
    char * array4[][]

    If you are going to declare the array dynamically then you can do this:
    int i, x, y
    cin x, y

    char ** array5

    array5 = new char * [x];
    for(i = 0; i < x; i++)
    array5[i] = new char[y];

    and when you are done with the dynamically created 2D array you use this to release the memory

    for(i = 0; i < x; i++)
    delete [] array5[i];
    delete [] array5

    to use the 2D array as a function parameter you can do this:

    void display(char [row][col]) where row and column are constants. Technically I believe you can leave the last set of [] blank if you wish.

    then to call the function passing the array you can do this:
    char array6[row][col]

    However, I agree with Salem, an expandable container such as a list or a vector, etc. would probably be a better choice for this project. In addition I would probably use a struct with two data members, one for the unique word and one as a counter, for this project.

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