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    Question Best sorting method to use

    Hi -

    What is the best sorting method (speed wise) to use to sort roughly 40,000+ objects in ascending/desceding order? Selection sort only comes to mine. Are there any others?

    What I have to do is find any duplicate numbers in a 40,000+ list. My game plan to approach this problem is ...

    1) Sort the numbers in ascending/descending order first
    2) After a sorted list is created, take the first number and compare it to every other number in that list. If a match if found, record it.
    3) Move on the next number in the list and repeat step 2. Do this until you reach the bottom of the list.

    Are there any problems with my thinking or is there something I can do to make more algorihim more efficent?


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    Look up quick sort, it is arguably the best sort out there. Do a search on google or on this board and you'll find lots of examples on it.

    Once your items are sorted, you don't need to look at every item to see if there is a duplicate. You only need to look at the next item. If the next item doesn't match, then it is unique.
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    quicksort, non-recursive I feel would help...

    if you use the recursive version on such a large pile, you might have speed problems.

    btw, the sort is in the standard library

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