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    creating .DLLs

    I've written code that I've compiled into an .exe file just fine. Now I need to create a .dll that I can call from within other applications to do exactly the same thing.

    Using Dev-C++ 4.01, when I follow the wizard after clicking on File New Project DLL option, I insert filenames when prompted and files get created all over the place. I don't know how to hook this up to the code I've written. I just need to know, in plain English step-by-step, which of these files I need to edit and into which I can insert the code I've written (the MainDll.h? MainDll.cpp? DLLProjectFilename? DLLTestProjectFilename? ... I've tried almost all combinations) so that the final .dll file will run just like my .exe file.

    I assume there's is a simple 3+ step answer, and appreciate any responses.

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    There is plenty of info on DLLs at MSDN but they do expect you to be using visual c. So you may have to read the docs at msdn and then check thru your compilers helpfiles for any implementation specific details.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    GameTutorials has a very nice Using DLL's Tutorial .
    It was tested with VC++ though, So i'm not sure he it will work
    in your compiler.

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