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    Exclamation prime numbers, counters, help!

    Hi, I'm having a little trouble with a program I was assigned. Basically, the program has to ask for a number and produce a table that indicates the prime factorization of the number's absolute value.

    For example, if the user enters the number 245, the program has to do:
    Number is: 245
    Sign is: +
    Prime factorization of 245 is:

    ===========| =======
    5 | 1
    7 | 2

    the professor gives us this pseudocode as a guide:

    1. Repeat for k = 2,3,...,n
    a. Determine if k is prime
    b. if (k is prime) then
    1. Determine the maximum value of d such that k^d is a factor (divisor) of [i]n[/n]
    2. if (d > 0) then
    k is a prime factor of n
    d is the exponent

    He says that's the hard pard of the proyect

    Im not asking for a complete program, i just want ideas on how to calculate prime numbers, and, if possible the Prime Factor part of the table :/

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    I want to help you out here, but the only way I could easily show you would be through code, and I don't want to give the answer away. It will become easier for you over time.

    Just remember this as the basis of the whole program: For any variable x, y is a factor of x when:
    x % y == 0

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