I recently started using Dev-C++ 4.01 and I have what I'm sure is a very simple question. If somebody there has a quick and simple answer, I'd greatly appreciate a posting/answer.

I've written code that I've compiled into an .exe file just fine.
Now I need to create a .dll that I can call from within other applications to do exactly the same thing.

When I follow the wizard after clicking on File | New Project | DLL option, I insert filenames when prompted and files get created all over the place. I don't know how to hook this up to the code I've written. I just need to know, in plain English step-by-step, which of these files I need to edit and into which I can insert the code I've written (the MainDll.h? MainDll.cpp? DLLProjectFilename? DLLTestProjectFilename? ... I've tried almost all combinations) so that the final .dll file will run just like my .exe file.

I assume there's is a simple 3+ step answer, and appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Thank you very much in advance.