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    Question book

    i have be learning c++ cin's january 2003

    when i buy't a book do you guys

    know if this title is a good book

    the programming language c++

    writer bjarne stroustrup

    the book cost's E 54 euro
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    "Highly Recommended", according to this site.


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    The book question should be in the FAQ. It feels like this is the 3rd person to ask about a C++ book in 1 day.
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    Yes that book sounds good. But may i also recommend a book. it's called:

    Object-Oriented Programming in C++ Second Edition.
    author: Robert Lafore
    publisher: The Waite Group (Press)

    i have found this to be a very very benificial book to teach you C++. It uses examples along the way, goes at a slow pace so you don't miss anything and what i like about it is that the author puts together tests and exercises near the end of almost every chapter. so you can test your knoledge and put to practical use what you just learned. I like it. Look it up for yourself. But the only down side is that it only specific to turbo C++ and Borland Compilers. Borland being quite popular but not everybody has it.

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