Hi Everyone,

I need some help with a C++ project, I am using VC++ 5.0

I need to create a program that,

has an array of structs that represents books at a library.


struct BookType
string title;
string author;
string subject;

BookType Data[MAX_BOOKS];

Then I have three other arrays:

int TitleOrder[MAX_BOOKS];
int SubjectOrder[MAX_BOOKS];
int AuthorOrder[MAX_BOOKS];

What I have to do is read in the book(s) info from a file, and store them in the BookType array.

Then I have to search the BookType array Alphabetically and store the index of the books (in BookType) in their respective orders in TitleOrder, SubjectOrder, and AuthorOrder.

So If BookType[10] came first alphabetically for SubjectOrder...

SubjectOrder[0] would contain "10" (the index of the book in BookType)

Anyone have any ideas?