Thread: wut is the point of pointers (no pun intended)

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    wut is the point of pointers (no pun intended)

    i dont understand y u would use pointers. im not dont know very much c++ (im on lesson 11 of a 35 lesson tutorial that continues to grow, cuz its updated weekly) but i dont see y anyone would use pointers. y not just change the data, or view it, or whatever directly, and not use pointers.
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    >but i dont see y anyone would use pointers
    Then you haven't gone far enough yet. When you get to the level where pointers are useful, then you'll understand. But to answer your question, amongst other things pointers are used for simplicity, efficiency, and complex data structures.

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    I thought the same thing when I started pointers. But they are very useful on down the line. Pointers allow for lots of things.

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