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    If Statements

    Do you know how to set up a program where if you enter a number then you use IF and make it so if the integer is between two numbers it does one thing because when i try if(a>1,a<10), it messes up the program. Thank you.

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    howbout you try this:
    if(a<1 && a <10) //says 'if a is under 1 and(&&) a is under 10
    if(a<1 || a<10) // says 'if a under 1 or(||) a is under 10

    obviously you have to use the logical operations.

    && = and
    || = or

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    And remember if you want it to be between 2 numbers, to use
    This way it will stop on those numbers. Otherwise it would stop one less than or one greater than a or b.
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