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    Linked List Help

    I am building a program tell score for a game of bowling. I have created a doubly linked list of ten frames. Each frame includes three integers - ball1, ball2, and ball3 for the 10th frame only.
    For my scoring I need to look back one and possibly two frames to calculate the score, depending on strikes and spares previously thrown.

    My question is how do I retrieve the values of those balls?
    I'll strip it down to just one very basic example, because if I can figure out the syntax I can implement it throughout my program.


    head is a pointer
    frame *head;

    prev is a pointer in frame
    frame *prev;

    total is a local variable of type int

    Any help using this example or a generic one would be great. I am still figuring out how to move within linked lists so any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks for the time

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    What you have will only work if your list is circular (which I doubt it is). If you have a pointer to the end of your list, then you go back a frew frames using it. But it sounds like you need to get your understanding of pointers down a bit more.
    Review this, it may sharpen the picture a bit.


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    current->ball //ball from this frame
    current->prev->ball //ball from one frame ago
    current->prev->prev->ball //ball from two frames ago

    make sure there is a ball from previous frames however before you call for them, otherwise you will get a sneaky error in the code.

    This will work if a node is defined something like this:

    struct node
    int ball1;
    int ball2;
    node * prev;//points to previous node, if it exists
    node * next;//points to next node, if it exists
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    Thanks for the help

    Appreciate the suggestions, my problem from earlier was that I should have been entering them like this:


    instead of calling a function to do this:


    Dumb mistake from staring at the screen to long........

    trial and error and asking question = the way to learn.......

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