Thread: returning an appropriate string for an expected int value ??

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    returning an appropriate string for an expected int value ??

    Hi can anyone help?

    Im trying to write a single function which sets a small array with 2 characters to the ordinal suffix of a number. 1st, 2nd, 3rd 4th etc

    and the suffix refers to the laters.

    my function prototype is

    void suffix(int n, char suff[]);

    and i have made the following declarations

    char s[5];
    int x;

    and with the result of the call


    will give the appropriate string in s for any given positive value of x from 0 to 9999

    a possible pattern i have found is that 4 - 20 end in th

    then the first three after that have st,nd,rd

    is there a command that can read the last digit of an integer number ?

    because if there is then i can use conditions easier and compare the last digit against the tests to see what its suffix ( letters ) are.

    any help much appreciated.

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    how would you strip that last digit from the number using maths?

    maybe like this....

    last_digit = num%10;

    you need a bigger array also.

    9999th is 7 chars long. That cant be stored in 5
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