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    List of nodes

    I have a struct as follows

    struct node{
      int x;
      int y;
      node *next_nodex;
    node r_table[360];
    These are delcared globally. I know this is bad but it does initilise everything if declared globally.

    I have a function which decides which element in the array.

    How would I get to the last element in one of the lists. Is it something like this.

    node *tmp_ptr;
            tmp_ptr = &(r_table[table_indx]);
            // Goto to end of list
            while (tmp_ptr->next_node != NULL)
              tmp_ptr = tmp_ptr->next_node;
            // Add new node
            tmp_ptr->next_node = new(node);
            // Step into new node
            tmp_ptr = tmp_ptr->next_node;
            tmp_ptr->x = x_anchor - col;
            tmp_ptr->y = y_anchor - row;
            tmp_ptr->next_node = NULL;

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    Looks good - but here is an optimization:
    typedef struct _node
        int x;
        int y;
        _node *next_nodex;
        _node() : next_nodex(NULL) {}
    } node_t;
    typedef struct _node_array_elem
        node_t *first,*last;
        _node_array_elem() : first(NULL),last(NULL) {}
    } node_array_elem_t;
    node_array_elem_t r_table[360];
        node_array_elem_t *tmp_ptr;
        tmp_ptr = r_table + table_indx;
        node_t *new_node = new(node_t);
        // Add new node
        if (tmp_ptr->last != NULL)
            tmp_ptr->last->next_nodex = new_node;
            tmp_ptr->last = new_node;
            tmp_ptr->last = new_node;
            tmp_ptr->first = new_node;
        new_node->x = x_anchor - col;
        new_node->y = y_anchor - row;
    If you are using "new", then you must be using C++, so you can also use constructors to perform initialization (which also means the typedef's are really necessary, but I like em). And then the optimization part: why traverse to the end of the list every time if you can just remember where the end is?


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