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    Lightbulb Stream function question

    Can anyone tell me why my fuction does not return anything when the program is run? It compiles correctly but it wont output anything...

    #include <iostream.h> 	// for output to screen
    #include <fstream.h>  	// for file I/O
    #include <stdlib.h>	// for exit function
    void read_file(ifstream& fin, double& sum, double& count);
    void main()
    double sum=0;   // accumulates sum of values in file
    double count=0; // counts number of values read
    ifstream fin; 	// input file stream"input.dat");
    if (
       cout << "Error opening file input.dat\n";
     read_file(fin, sum, count);
    void read_file(ifstream& fin, double& sum, double& count)
      int next;
      fin >> next;
    while (!fin.eof())
       sum += next;
       fin >> next;
    cout << "Number of values read: " << count << endl;
    cout << "Sum of values read: " << sum << endl;
    cout << "Average value: " << sum/count << endl;

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    void main()
    should be
    int main()
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