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    Question debug????

    Here is a quick question about the debugger option on visual C++. When I step through the code with the debugger, when I hit a cout line, it steps into a bunch of bs code and I cannot step out of it, I have to restart debugger. Is there any other way to avoid lines like cout and others that take me to bogus code other than using F11(Step In) to get into functions and step through code and when I get to a cout line, remember to use F10(Step Over)???? What actually happens is when I get to a cout line, a window pops up asking for "Please enter path for ostream.cpp.". I end up having to hit cancel and it takes me to a bunch of bogus code. Any suggestions?????


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    Rightclick a line you are interested in and set a breakpoint....

    The instead of Step Into, clisck Run for the debug submenu.... execution will run as normal and pause at the point you want

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    Thats strange, step-over should work for you without asking for code locations.
    You could install all the C-runtime code from the VC++ setup (if you have the disk space), that way if the debugger takes you into something you don't care about, you can just step-out and keep on truck'n. Otherwise, you'll have to either use breakpoints as Fordy suggested or put your cursor on the line you want be at, and hit "Run to Cursor" (Cntrl-F10). Or a combo of all these techniques - what I do.


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