Thread: How do I setup a network?

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    Question How do I setup a network?


    I need detailed instructions on how to set-up a home network, one computer is windows 95 the other computer is Windows ME?

    Thanks for your help.

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    it depends on what you want the network do.

    If you want simple occasional file sharing/transfers then it is pointles spending money on network cards, cables hubs and so on. Use the Direct Cable to link via a paralell or serial port.

    If you want 'always on', multiplayer gaming, internet connection sharing and so on then you need a proper network (well if you can call a windows network a proper network)

    You will need an ethernet card for each machine
    A piece of cable (Rj45 cat5)
    A terminator for each end of cable
    install and setup the newtwork cards
    install tcp/ip protocols and setup your ip addresses
    connect the cable to the cards put the terminators on the cable
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