Thread: Include(#directive) problems

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    Include(#directive) problems

    I've looked over the code and everything looks fine. It won't compile though.

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    ok..these are some of the big mistakes programmers make..since you are doing a template gotta remember the rules..look at this example

    template<class t>
    int sum(int x, int y); // a member function prototype
    t value;
    //now in the cpp file
    template<class t>
    //does nothing
    template<class t>
    int Something<t>::sum(int x, int y)
    return x+y;
    when you are writing the functions definitions outside the class definition you have to keep putting your 'template<class t>' and when you get to the scope resolution operator for your class like
    Something:: you have to put 'returntype Something<t>::functionname' over and over and the compiler knows it a template class...that is all
    nextus, the samurai warrior

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