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    i have to program this and i am not doing very well on it.anyone with better ideas please
    help me.
    User may enter a maximum of 10 names. Each name will be entered on a separate line and you may assume that it will not be more than 30 characters long including spaces. Names may be entered in uppercase, lowercase or any combination of the two. Examples:

    shaHid ahmEd
    WaSEEm akRAM

    Use a two dimensional array of characters to store the names. If the user enters a character that is not an alphabet, ask him to renter. Remove all blanks and convert all letters to uppercase before comparing. Print the sorted names in the following manner:

    Javaid Khan
    Shahid Ahmed
    Waseem Akram

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    To convert between lower- and upper-cases use toupper() and tolower() from <ctype.h>
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