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    A polite note

    First of all its NOT HOMEWORK, WHY does everyone always think its homework? I am doing things out of a "how to program book"
    With NO answers, yes I tried to do a course, but no one ever tried to help me, second, when I become good (hopefully), I will be GLAD to write other peoples programmes on here. Cause thats the kind of friendly person I try to be.
    Secondly A BIG thanks to Jamsan, who showed me EXACTLY how it could be done, useing only IF's.

    How ever let me stress, I never wanted anyone to write it, for me. Thanks to everyone anyway. I only wanted to know if it was possable to write it with nothing but IF'S I know basically how to write it with more then just IF's, but the first chapter of the book never coverd anything else to do with decisions.

    Well I said my bit. Only sticking up for myself, I really dont see why people cant write other peoples programmes if they wanted, oh and college courses are hard enough, so a little help goes a LONG way.



    P.S I wont bother you with my other probs LOL.

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    it is okay to help people, but effort needs to be shown. if you know how to write the program, than writing it with only ifs should not be a problem for you. just take out the else.
    It isn't that you didn't explicitly ask anyone to write it for you, it is that others did anyways. how are you supposed to learn if everyone writes your programs.
    You can't learn if you don't do it on your own. The rules explicitly ask for an attempt to be made, and help shall therefore be granted.
    Also, if you are planning to write other's programs, then they won't learn either.

    If this trend continues, maybe we'll have less real programmers, and the true ones can make more money.

    edit: You didn't have to make a new thread for this.

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    I disagree with that logic. I learn from example, its pretty hard to figure out how to do stuff when you've never seen it done before. For instance, I would like to make a program which pops up a window with a .jpg in it. Its pretty hard to figure out how to do that when you've never seen the code of a program which will pop up either a window or a .jpg.
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    It depends on the situation. If you say that you have tried it and have code, then people will want to see that code. I can see asking for references to things, such as .jpg and etc., but with the program in his other thread, he said he gets the two lowest and the two highest. the post that follows the original question, said it best, post some code and we'll show you where your mistakes are.
    I understand that examples are needed, but some questions are asking for help, while other questions are asking for more advanced features that are at times, compiler and OS specific.

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    a "how to program book" With NO answers
    I started with "Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days" by Jesse Liberty. I really liked the use of questions and exercises, with answers and solutions in the back. This format is very helpful to those of us who are self-studying.

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