Thread: separating line of arrays into array of arrays

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    Question separating line of arrays into array of arrays

    If anyone can help -much appreciate

    I want to take a line of input from the user using an array of cmd[100]; then take that input and separating them out with spaces as a delimiter into an array of arrays cmdarg[][].

    I think the code below does separate them out, but for some reason i can't cout anything other than cmdarg[0]. Nothing else comes out???

    this will be use as a command line with arguments in a program, but i am having a tough time separating the commands and arguments into its own vector of arrays. Is better to do it with strings??? I am not sure of what to use?

    thanks in advance

    //partial codes
    char *c[1000];
    char cmd[100];
    char cmdarg[1000][1000];
    int status,i=0,j=0,k=0;



    if(cmd[i]==' '){//space
    j++; //increase row
    k==-1;//reset column
    if(cmd[i]!=' '){//put in next column
    cmdarg[j][k]=cmd[i];//insert in array of arrays
    k++;//increase column
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    is this a typo ?

    k==-1;//reset column

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    k=-1 not a typo

    k=-1 is not a column, because once the space is found, it has to go thru the loop which will increase (k++) to zero again.


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    int main ( ) {
        char cmd[100] = "this is a test";
        char cmd_words[20][100];
        int  i,nwords=0,nword_chars=0;
        for ( i = 0 ; i < strlen(cmd) ; i++ ) {
            if ( cmd[i] != ' ' ) {
                // copy the char, and keep the word a proper string (the \0)
                cmd_words[nwords][nword_chars++] = cmd[i];
                cmd_words[nwords][nword_chars] = '\0';
            } else {
                nword_chars = 0;  // start of...
                nwords++;  // the next word
        // trap last word not ending in a space
        if ( nword_chars != 0 ) nwords++;
        for ( i = 0 ; i < nwords ; i++ ) {
            printf( "Word %d is %s\n", i, cmd_words[i] );
        return 0;
    > char cmdarg[1000][1000];
    Bear in mind that this is almost 1MB in size - you don't want too many of these lying around.
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