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    Question Searching for words within a sentence

    Does anyone know how to search for words within a specific sentence using strings? Here's an example of what I mean.

    The word: back
    The sentence: I'll be back.
    I'm using visual c++ 6.0.

    Edit: or to check for words within a sentence.

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    go character by character?..or go by words...white space separate words (tabs, end-line, space)..
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    Look into the find member function.

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    I'm with PJ.

    At this level, use find().

    Also, investigate 'basic_string'. The member functions that you'll find will surprise/amaze you.

    (Why they're not used more often is a mystery to me, though I understand the implicit rationale behind "grunt work". Learn the basics, then...appreciate the functionality of the language.)

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    there is strtok()

    ok, in one of the headers, <iostream> or <cstdio> is the strtok() function

    it takes in 2 parameters
    1 - is the string you want to find words for
    2 - is a set that represents every deliminating character
    the deliminating character is over written by '\0' then str is passed back.

    char *strtok(char *str, const char *set);

    every subsequent call after the initial needs str to be passed NULL.

    char str[] = "Hello and Welcome back!";
    char set[] = "\\ \'\",.!?"; // and whatever else
    char *tok;

    tok = strtok(str, set);

    tok = strtok(NULL, set);

    This is because every subsequent call with NULL, tells strtok to start back where str left off... it then repeats and sends back another pointer... until str reaches the Null-Terminating character...

    Great function for parsing through sentences to find words.

    I reccomend always to write every function that you plan to use yourself, so that way you get a better understanding of the code.

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