Thread: string conversion to char*

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    string conversion to char*

    Anybody have any idea how to convert strings to char*. I am writing a program that involves using some of the unix system calls (execv()) and I get input from the user with strings, but these functions take char* as parameters!!!


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    std::string has a member function c_str() that returns a const char* rep of the string object.
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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    One solution is strcpy() and c_str() as the other member has mentioned.


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    all my attempts of using c_str() have ended in an unhandled exception

    and the problem with the execv() call is that my input from the user is put into an array argv[] the call would be

    execv(argv[0], argv, 0);

    making the second parameter argv.c_str() gives me errors as well.

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    Where's the string object?


    std::string a;

    The command line arguments aren't string objects
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    string buffer;
    string argv[10];

    cout << "enter agruments: ";
    getline.(cin, buffer);

    buffer gets split up into argv, for example if buffer was:
    /bin/ls -alg
    argv[0] = /bin/ls
    argv[1] = -alg

    then I want to call exec using those as parameters
    but I can't write
    execv(argv[0].c_str(), argv.c_str(), (char*)0);

    because I get errors for the argv.c_str()

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    execv(argv[0].c_str(), argv.c_str(), (char*)0);

    you're not indexing an element of argv. Also, what you're doing still makes no sense = | You're trying to command line stuff, right? But you're declaring argv as an array of string objects.

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    There's a execv() example on this page.

    The version of execv() I've seen only take two parameters, with argv one being a vector, with a null terminating element (hence the name execv). Maybe you're confusing this function with execl(). Both are documented here.
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