Thread: why does'nt this work..

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    why does'nt this work..

    The peice of the program compiles and executes on a regular C compiler, but when I use a C++ compiler it compiles but crashes my system..
    The C compiler is pacific c the C++ compiler is dev c++.

    The program checks for brakets and deletes space between them..

    int i. j = 0;
    char file[20] = "<a h ref="sys tem.tx t">

    for (i=0;i<numchar;i++){

    if (file[i]=='<'){

    if (file[i]==' ')

    if (file[i]!=' '){

    }while (file[i]!='>'&&file[i]);


    when i comment out the j++ it compiles and runs..

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    Sorry I can't I'm at work..But it's basically the algorithm..It's like I can't insert another counter in the while loop without the program crashing..
    Just set the array size bigger and initialize numchar to zero as an int..

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    int main ( ) {
        char file[] = "wibble wibble <a h ref=\"sys tem.tx t\"> zippy bong";
        int i, j, inscope = 0;
        for ( i = 0, j = 0 ; file[i] != '\0' ; i++ ) {
            if ( !inscope && file[i] == '<' ) inscope = 1;
            if ( inscope && file[i] == '>' ) inscope = 0;
            if ( !inscope || (inscope && file[i] != ' ') ) {
                file[j++] = file[i];
        file[j] = '\0';
        printf( "%s\n", file );
        return 0;
    But "aref" should remain "a ref", so I think you need to revise your spec.
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