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    getting started with parsing...

    Hey all, I'd like to be able to write a program in which a user can input text such as "open north" and it will open the door to the north... you know, like Zork or a MUD.

    But of course I need to know how to parse strings to find certain words and then use a hash table to use the correct function (if memory serves me), and that's about ALL I know about command parsing.

    If someone could get me started or provide a helpful link I'd be indebted!

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    I like a parsing loop. One character at a time. you use each character to "walk" down a keyword tree/dictionary. When you hit a node you have a complete keyword. Every keyword hit puts you in a new state. Get what I'm saying? of course it can get REALLY complicated if you're not doing a simple language but for ZORK it should work just fine.
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    Do a search for Spirit and C++ and parsing, its a very cool c++ parsing library, very easy to use, and very well documented.

    Unless you are after a learning experience.
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