Thread: Palindrome Coding trouble

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    Palindrome Coding trouble

    I am trying to code a Palindrome program...I keep on getting a runtime error called

    Index out of range: 3 string: mom

    yeah I can't figure out why's my code
    void Palindrome()
    	apstring Input;
    	apvector<char> Word;
    	apvector<char> ReversedWord;
    	int Length = 0;
    	int c = 0;
    	int d = 0;
    	bool Palindrome = true;
    	cout << endl;
    	cout << "Enter in a word to see if it is a palindrome: ";
    	cin >> Input;
    	Length = Input.length();
    	for(int b = Length; b > 0 ; b--)
    		Word[d] = Input[b];
    	for(int i = Length; i > 0; i--)
    		ReversedWord[c] = Word[i];
    	for (int e = 0; e < Length; e++)
    		if(ReversedWord[e] == Word[e])
    		{Palindrome = true;}
    		{Palindrome = false;}
    	if (Palindrome == true)
    	{cout << "This word is a palindrome." << endl;}
    	{cout << "This word is not a palindrome." << endl;}
    yeah this is it by the way my headers are


    yeah thanks for your help

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    try this:

    apstring Input("temporary");
    it has to do with that space is not alloted for the string. i am not quite sure why, it has done that to me as well.

    if you pass it as a parameter, you could avoid asking for them to input the word into the function.

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    meh same error still...I would just use vectors but the problem is knowing what size to put it at for efficiency(sp?) I use a apstring to get the word and its length...and use the length for the size of the vector...but the part that I think screws it up is transferring the apstring into the yeah I can't figure it out still...offer idea's that are most help ful....

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    meh nvm I finished coding it myself....

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