Thread: Singly Linked List Quicksort

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    Singly Linked List Quicksort

    Is there a way to sort via a quicksort a singly linked list.

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    Everything's possible, but I believe it would be alot easier to use a double linked list.

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    This is the basic sturcture for my sturcutre for my linked list, I am in desperate need of some help on an algortim that could quicksort by the year. Ive tried many things but I can't get an algoritm to work, any links to examples or code will be of great help. Ive tried google, I've tried books but none have helped me, Thank you.

    class Part
    string Make;
    string Model;
    string PartType;
    int Year;
    string PartCode;
    float Cost;

    Part* next;

    Part(string, string, string, int, string, float, Part*);

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    Code tags are a beautiful thing. I agree with magos that a double would be easier.

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