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    Question graphics programming in c++

    i want to begin graphics programming in c++ from basics.
    please help me and give me urls of tutorials and basic codes if u have.
    thank you for your kind co-operation.

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    well if you are verry new to programming and have no idea what computer graphics programming means.. i would recomend BGI as a start.. it is verry easy.. but veeery buggy and slow... Well once you get the basic concepts you can move up the ladder and learn SDL etc.. may be then OpenGL etc etc...

    I am presently workin with BGI .. many people here might laugh at me for saying "I use BGI".. But with not much experience and learning BGI oon my own with no ones help i was able to create a fully functional chess game... Now i am confident of learning SDL, Direct X which are advanced when compared to BGI..

    But for a begginer.. BGI is the way to go i would say.. surely all would not agree upon this...

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    for future dealings we like to see a little effort, not do all the work for you.

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    If you've learned C++ already and know how to write console
    applications well, I suggest you head to the Allegro site,
    This library is very easy to use and nearly the same as programming with console apps.

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