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    Question Sorting integers

    I searched the board but didn't find anything but two threads and neither were to helpful.

    How would I take an array of integers (or anyother type of numerical data type) and sort the numbers from least to greatest and place them back into the array in least to greatest order?

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    #include <algorithm>
    bool order (int a, int b)
         return (a < b);
    int main (void)
         const int len = 25;
         int array[len];
         // let's say we filled array with random values =)
         std::sort<int*>(array, array + len, order);
         return 0;
    Change a < b to a > b in order to sort greatest to least.
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    you know something..why am i always doing things the hard there a book or something that shows us all the built in std functions, etc? i am always writing my own classes, functions, etc to do sort, etc..etc..please give me link or a good book
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    It's good practice that you're writing the algorithms, but there are easy ways out
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