Thread: Search Sentence for Word?

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    Question Search Sentence for Word?

    After I saw that RoD was working on RoDBot, on the irc, I looked back at my old chatbot code. Mine was crap. So I'm starting from scratch. Does anyone know of a function that searches a sentence for a specific word?

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    Look up std::string::find()

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    What container does the words reside in? For character arrays, one solution is strstr(). For bytes, one solution is memchr().


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    Theres two good ways imo to go about this:

    1) txt files
    2) enums

    I would use the function eibro suggested if your not using txt files. While buggy as it is as far as error checking goes, my code is 100% open source. Feel free to ask any questions u may have, and i will try my best to help.

    Heres the latest cpp, not many changes, just a few fixes. convo() is getting totally rebuilt tonight.

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    Hash table.

    Sorry not sure if this c standard. use it so much.

    try this if its in std c++

    string word, tbuff = " This is my string to find the word string";
    int pos;

    pos = tbuff.Pos( "string" );
    word = tbuff.substr( pos, tbuff.Length() );

    or tbuff.Delete( pos, tbuff.Length() );

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