Thread: HELP ME! Having problems with .NET

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    Unhappy HELP ME! Having problems with .NET

    I usually ahve no problem using msdv 6 and earlier but todya my school has updated to .net and each time i create a project, insert my file.cpp and when it compiles, I CANT find the text I wrote earlier in my file.cpp: EVERYTHING IS CHANGED!!!!
    please help me

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    Well you school most likely has a manual of .NET, Read through
    that or take a tutorial on .NET . Don't know exactly what you're
    problem is though.

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    I have no idea what you're talking about but thats awesome that your school upgraded! Amazing! We're still using Turbo C++ and VC5.0....

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    i think he means he was reading in a txt file with his prog n now the txt is gone....

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    You need to explain your problem further. Is it a .txt file that was erased/changed or the .cpp file that was? Lucky your school has .NET. My hs, we still use mingw 2.95. But it won't be changed since this is the last year of c++.

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    Post this wil ptobely help

    open notepad from the start menu
    open the .cpp file and there's your code used copy and paste

    coment you wil have to set the show files to all files

    you can open cpp files with notepad
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