Hi i have to create a SavingsAccount class. Use a static data members to contain the annualIntrestRate for each of the server. each member of class contains a private data member savingBalance includin the amount the saver currently has on deposit. provide a calculateMonthlyIntrest member function that calculates the monthly intrest by multiplying the balance by annualIntrestRate divided bye 12; this intrest should be added to savingBalance. provide a static data member function modifyIntrestRate that sets the static annualIntrestRate to a new value. write a driver program to test class SavingsAccounts. Instantiate two diffrent savingBalance objects, saver1 and saver2, with balance of $2000.00 and $3000.00, respectively. set annualIntrestRate to 3%, then calculate the monthly intrest and print the new balance for each of the saver. then set the annualIntrestRate to 4% and calculate the new month intrest and print the new balances for each of the saver.

here is so for what i got all i need is to help me what should i put in main
this is the header file



class SavingsAccount
	//	static void modifyInterestrate(float interest);
	float calculateMonthlIntrest();
	float getSavingBalance()const;
	static void modifyInterestrate(float);
	float savingBalance;
	static float annualInterstRate;

this is the savingAccount.cpp
#include <iostream.h>
#include "SavingAccount.h"

float SavingsAccount::annualInterstRate =0.0;

SavingsAccount::SavingsAccount(float balance)
	savingBalance = balance;

float SavingsAccount::calculateMonthlIntrest()
	return savingBalance * annualInterstRate / 12.0f;
float SavingsAccount::getSavingBalance()const
	return savingBalance;
void SavingsAccount::modifyInterestrate(float interest)
	annualInterstRate = interest;
and In main i need help what should i put 
int main()

SavingsAccount saver1, saver2 
// what comes up next  in main