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    Low level programming question

    I am in the stages of creating an operating system. To date, I've made the bootloader/sector, as well the kernel, complete with clear screen, kernel print (multiple variations), and basically cleaned up the code for awhile.

    So, the question comes down to what do I really go from here. The options laid out in front of me seem almost endless, from what I have read on the Global Descriptor Tables/Interupt Descriptor Tables, to writing dynamic memory management, to paging, to block drivers.

    It seems weird to think that I could just pick whatever I want to work on out of a hat, because then I would have no organization, and bugs would probably result of that.

    So, to be specific, I am wondering if anyone has any experience in this matter. If so, could you give a few tips/pointers as to what might be the best thing to start w/.


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    Its a bit old, but look for a book called MMURTL by R Burgess.....its basically a walkthrough of creating a basic will give you ideas how to add other features like multitasking (as well as the ability on top of this to react to exceptios and interupts) and memory management as well as producing an API for programmers...

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    The best introductory book on this stuff is Operating systems design and implementation by Andy Tanenbaum and Albert Woodhull. The book includes the complete source code for MINIX the forerunner to LINUX
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    And the FAQ is here :-

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