Thread: Using dev-c++ for simple code

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    Using dev-c++ for simple code

    say i just wanna compile some simple code;

    #include <iostream.h>

    int main()


    cout<<"HEY, you, I'm alive! Oh, and Hello World!";

    return 0;


    using dev-c++. i have never ever done this before and have only just downloaded dev and installed it plz will someone gimme a quick step by step explanation

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    its so easy, follow the steps:
    • first choose new project from File menu
    • and choose the type of your program (Consolle ,......) from the window which ll apear to you, then write a name for your program and choose where it ll be saved
    • project with a simple source file will appear to u
    • write your code in the source file
    • press Ctrl+F9 to compile it , if no problems in compilation and linkage process are detected , you can press Execute program , to run your program

    i hope this what are you looking for !!
    Programming is a high logical enjoyable art for both programer and user !!

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    no lines, Code Tags!

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    Originally posted by RoD
    no lines, Code Tags!
    thank you very much for posting that .

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