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    Angry code

    can't get the mode for this program. it's supposed to give me the grade that is repeated the most times, for example: if i enter 3,4,3,5,2 the mode should be 3.
    please help me with this!!!!!

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    how is it supposed to give you three when your just outputting what i enter?

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    here s the code
    #include <iostream>
    #include <conio.h>
    float most_repeated(float*);
    float most_repetead(float* g,int no){
       float r[no];
       float  most_rep=0;
       for (int counter1=0;counter1<no;counter1++)
            for (int counter2=0;counter2<no;counter2++)
                 if (g[counter1]==g[counter2]) r[counter1]++;
         for (int counter3=0;counter3<no;counter3++)
           if (r[counter3]>most_rep) most_rep=g[counter3];
       return most_rep;
    void main()
    	int numgrades;
           float *grades;
    		cout<<"how many grades you wnat to enter: "<<endl;
    		grades = new float[numgrades];
    		for (int count = 0; count <numgrades; count++)
    		cout<<"grades " << (count + 1)<<":";
    	for (int count = 0; count <numgrades; count++)
    		cout<<grades[count]<<" ";
    float The_most_repeated=most_repetead(grades,numgrades);
    cout<<"the most repeated grade is "<<The_most_repeated<<endl;
    return 0;
    i hope it helps
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    Don't use void main(). Use int main(). And it won't compile. You need using namespace std;, change the header to iostream.h (I don't recomend that), or use std::cout, std::cin, and std::endl.
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