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    member fx and member variables

    can someone give me an exaple of each with a class
    of anything
    muuuuch appreciated

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    What is a "member fx?"

    class X
    ADT GetIt() const;
    ADT m_It;


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    1- See tutorials here:

    2- Get a book! "Teach Yourself C++ in 21 Days" by Jesse Liberty is a good book to start with. Or, see here:

    3- Or, take a class.

    This shtuff can get far too complicated to learn without some sort of structured approach!

    The reason I think you don't have a book, is that this question is very fundamental to C++ and object oriented programming. It's not the first thing you would learn if you took a beginning C++ class, but it is the first thing you would learn if you were "stepping-up" from C to C++.
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    1. I am taking (my 2nd C++) class...."Intro to OOP"
    (MY first class never got to Classes)
    2. I do have a book (Deitel) and TONS of tutorials and print outs.
    3. MY instructor (i assume) expects us to learn this on our own, which is what I am trying to do...
    I have written a program using a struct...
    now need to convert it to a Class using member functions and member variables.
    He didn't go over ANY syntax in class...he gives handouts of theory. (Guess he expects the syntax to come naturally)
    4. Sorry but I am pretty frustrated. I am so trying to get it..was just wondering if there is any tutorial out there specific to the set us and use of member functions and variables that I haven't seen-
    cause I have learned more at this forum than in the classroom for certain.
    you can take a look - it's a mess i think

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