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    Cool Binary files read newline (help)

    I have a binary file which contains two numbers


    both number are separated with a newline.

    When I read it back in to retieve the data I cannot get my orignal data back, I get a strange number.
    Please help.,4);


    y = (double *) &buffer[0];,4);
    z = *y;

    unsigned int x = (unsigned int)floor(z);
    cout << z <<"|"<< x << endl;


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    If that is an example of the data your binary file has, then it is not a binary file in the sense that that data is not the binary represenation of those numbers. If your numbers are seperated by a new line, why not simply do infile >> mynumber; in a loop until you hit EOF?

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    Sorry I meant the binary file generated contains those numbers, but when you look at the file it is garbage characters like i.e.


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