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    Debugging Parse errors

    I am trying to compile the following code, and I keep getting parse errors. Can someone please tell me what these errors are, and what may be wrong with my code that I am getting them.

    #include <iostream>
    #include <fstream>
    #include <cassert>
    using namespace std;
    const int size = 100;
    typedef struct Region
       int code;
       char name_township[60];
       char name_state[20];
       char name_county[20];
    int read_regions(Region records[], char filename);
    int main(int argc, char *argv[])
       if(argc !=3)
          cout << "This program needs 2 command line arguments" << endl;
       Region township_data[size];
       if(argv[3] == "township.dat")
          read_regions(Region township_data[size], argv[3]);
          read_regions(Region township_data[size], argv[2]);
    int read_regions(Region records[], char filename)
       ifstream infile;   
  "filename", ios::in | ios::binary);
       assert(infile);, sizeof(records));
       return 1;
    Thanks for reading.

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    In read_regions file name should be a char* or char[] not a char... and you should actually use it =)

    And what are the specific errors?
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    My modified code; still need help

    Ok, I found the error, it's in my function, and I've modified it a little, and am still getting errors, but I know where the errors are: the errors are in the statement. Something about not matching arguments. please help me. As usual, thanks for reading.

    int read_regions(Region records[], char *filename)
       ifstream infile;
   (filename, ios::in | ios::binary);
          return fail;
   , sizeof(records));
             return 1;

    And here are my errors messages: In function `int read_regions(Region*, char*)': no matching function for call to `std::basic_ifstream<char,
    std::char_traits<char> >::read(Region*&, unsigned int)'
    /opt/gcc-3.2/include/c++/3.2.1/bits/istream.tcc:778: candidates are:
    std::basic_istream<_CharT, _Traits>& std::basic_istream<_CharT,
    _Traits>::read(_CharT*, int) [with _CharT = char, _Traits =

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    >>, sizeof(records));

    The prototype for read() is:
    >>istream &read( char *buffer, streamsize num );
    Do you think that records is a char* ?
    Also, sizeof(records) won't work, as records is a pointer, therefore its size will be the size of the pointer, not what it points to.
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