Thread: structs and string compare

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    structs and string compare

    thanks guys for all your help so far...i think i have the loading part of this program ok, i then am using a function to output specs about the month and a total days up to and including that month.
    (would you mind looking at the file to see if it's a mess or okay?) it runs and works well.
    The next thing I have to do is input a month name (string) and output the same info.
    I am reeeeally grreen with strings and wonder if there is a way i can begin with
    "enter month number OR name" and get the same output using a diff function for each.
    I know I have to use string compare, but like I said I am trying hard to get it but haven't yet. much. I have learned MORE at this forum than anywhere else!
    I have included the program as a link. //this is my program //this is the data

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    Post a specific problem.


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