Thread: Calling structs in functinos

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    Calling structs in functinos

    I'm working on a program right now that requires me to create a few structures and functions, and the functions must call the structures I've created. When I compile my program, I get various scope errors. My structs are defined in my main() routine. Do I have to move the structs outside of the main() routine to stop getting these scope errors, or can I just use:

    typedef struct name
    in my main() routine?

    Thanks for reading.

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    Move the structure definition outside of main and you shouldn't have any problems :-)
    typedef struct {
      int i;
    } test;
    void f(test t)
      test d = t;
    int main()
      test t;

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    Thanks for the help. I thought without the typedef I had to put struct in the function call. Thanks for clearing this up for me.

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