I have never had this kind of a problem before. I'm thinking it could possibly be a bug in MS VC 6 or I wrote some code to possibly overwrite some other code in memory. I'm totally at awe with this.

I have two variables "m_ListX" and "m_List" which are essentially linked list objects. The objects have a "Count()" method which returns the number of items in the list.

Now these variables are declared globally across my class "ILEliminator" which you can see in the screenshot vardec.jpg.

Now before I enter a method called "EliminateAssignVar()" in the class ILEliminator you'll notice the "Count()" method returns some values. Then after entering the "EliminateAssingVar()" method the "Count()" of each lists returns bogus values as seen in the watch list. What's very strange about this is that I never modified any of the lists as seen in the before.jpg and after.jpg screenshots.

I'm completely clueless to what could have caused this. Any insite into the matter would be great. Thanks.

Attached are the three screenshots illustrating the problem.