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    Ways to Write IF Statements...

    Just like the topic says, I was wondering if there are any different ways to write IF statements besides the following:

    if(x > 0)
    cout << "X is Greater than 0";
    cout << "X is Less than 0";


    cout << (x > 0 ? "X is Greater than 0" : "X is Less than 0");


    x > 10 ? cout << "It is Greater than 0" : cout << "It is Below 10";

    Thanks for the Help!!


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    Not as far as I know. This is it.

    You do have a problem in your example:

    if x > 0 then you print "x is bigger than 0"

    else you print "x is smaller than 0"

    But in the case of your else x could be either smaller of equal to 0.
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    else if, switch, etc.

    i'm not sure if this is what you're looking for but this is another way:

    case true:
    cout << "X is negative";
    case false:
    cout << "X is positive";

    or if you wanted to test for zero separately you could do

    if(x < 0)
    cout << "X is negative";
    else if(x ==0)
    cout << "X is zero";
    cout << "X is positive";

    hope that answered your question.

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