Thread: Data type checking?

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    Data type checking?

    Is there any easy way to know what data type is being used? I have a class that I'm using templates with, and I want it to have different functions if it is an integer or a float.

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    I think you need to specialize your whole template class. Itīs called explicit instantiation. Search for this if you want to know more about it.
    My suggestion i something like this:
    //I suppose you have something like this.
    template <class Type>
    class Myclass
    ... member,functions etc

    //You will have to specialize your class by adding this
    template <> class MyClass<int>
    ....members,funtions for int etc
    //and this
    template <> class MyClass<float>
    ....members,funtions for float etc

    Hope this helps a bit.

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    ah, so there's no easy way when you overload every single existing operator? the difference would be atoi versus atol or atof

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