Thread: itoa - going back to char.

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    Question itoa - going back to char.

    OK, I was expecting to see 3 integers converted to characters and then the characters trunckated together back into an integer (like this 12 34 56 to 123456) How far off am I here?

    char string2[8] = {0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0};
    char gbf[2] = {0,0};
    char gbi[2] = {0,0};
    char gbs[2] = {0,0};

    feet = abs(workc);
    inch = abs((workc-feet)*12);
    six = abs((((workc-feet)*12)-inch)*16);

    sprintf(string2,"%2.d%2.d%2.d", &gbf, &gbi, &gbs);

    m_feet2 = atoi(string2);

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    The last argument in itoa is the radix of the outputted number. Using 10 will give you a decimal number (the 'normal' kind). 2, like you've typed, will give you a binary number (1010101110101) which may not be what you expect...

    Also, remember that strings contain a NULL terminator so if you have 2 characters i it, it must be 3 characters wide.

    Oh, and the easiest way would be to add the integers first, then transform them into a string. Integer addition is a lot easier to perform than string concatenation.
    int Total = (feet * 10000) + (inch * 100) + six
    itoa(Total, Buffer, 10);
    Assuming they are max 2 digits long each.
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