Thread: Open an unknown lonely file in a dir?

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    Open an unknown lonely file in a dir?

    How can I open a file in directory that that will be the only file in that directory but I woun't know the name of it?
    I want to open the file read it and delete it and an other application will put a new file there...
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    What compiler/OS are you using? (It'll be non-standard functions to do that type of thing)
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    For a standard (though hackish and slow) method, you could always attempt loading every combination of name (providing of course, that you know the file extension, and that we're assuming 8 character file names max) and checking for its existance.

    Actually I think theres a Win32 function that gets the file names in a directory and returns them in the form of a pointer to array of strings... Unfortunatly I cant seem to find it. Sorry.
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    Look up FindFirstFile() and FindNextFile() on

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