Thread: what happens when sending enumerated data types as parameters to functions

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    what happens when sending enumerated data types as parameters to functions

    I'm trying to find a way to have objects identify events in the game by sending enumerated types as a parameter in my messaging functions (the way the objects communicate to each other). What is actually going on here, is an integer value being copied and sent by value every time these functions are called? Here's the first few piece of code, if I like this idea I'm going to build on it by adding more enumerations of the type. If you think there's a better way of doing this tell me

    my enumerated type:
    typedef enum {
    activateplayer = 0, activateenemy
    } controller_types;
    One of the functions that processes the controller_types
    void	GameController_t::Activate(controller_types x){
    	switch(x) {
    	case activateplayer:
    		Clients.push_back(new Player);
    and here it is being used
    Im basically trying to be creative and think of good ways to do this, but i don't know if this way is the best

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    An integer value representing the enumerated type is pushed onto the stack, then the function is called.

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