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    This really isn't part of my project, but I want to add a save function to my program. I am using structures, and want to be able to save what is inputted, and edit it later. Does it have to be a .exe type file? We use the standard C++ for class purposes. I am just tired of writing programs you have to reenter everything every time you open it. I did look in the book we use and see nothing. Thanks for your time.


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    This is a C# board, not a C++ one. Go to the other board.

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    Nah Just Kidding.

    Look up FSTREAM - file input/output. Also, read the tutorial on this site on File I/O. That has most of the basic stuff you will need to know.

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    Input and edited? Be more clear! You want to save it to a file?
    Or just in the memory for a spell?

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